Medical Spa Marketing
That Finally Works...

We Help Medical Spa Owners & Office Managers With Medical Spa Marketing

Find Out The Best Route For You!

Choose the one that best describes you.

My Medical Spa Is

Stagnant Or Shrinking

  • Competition Is Rising
  • Corporates Are Taking Over
  • Production Is Failing
  • Outreach To New Patients Is Failing
  • Average Patients Are Losing Interest

My Medical Spa is Growing, I Want To

Lead My Market

  • I Want More Growth
  • Need Digital Marketing That Works
  • Can't Pass $1M Or $2M Revenue
  • I Want New Associates
  • I Want To Place Ads Everywhere

I Started A

New Medical Spa

  • Don't Know Where To Start
  • Not Sure Of Who To Trust
  • Don't Want To Throw Away Money
  • Don't Want To Waste My Time
  • I Want A Strong Start

Just 3 Steps

How TO Connect With Us

Step 1: Assessment Call

During an assessment call we will look at your online marketing strategy for your medical spa, discuss goals & look at your biggest chances to grow.

Step 2: Build a Strategy

We will build a customized digital marketing strategy for your specific medical spa so you can reach your goal & market.

Step 3: Put It Into Action

Once we launch your medical spa marketing, we will get started on attracting new high quality patients to grow your revenue.

Most Medical Spa Owners or Office Managers have tried tons of different ways to Attract New Patients & Increase Current Patient Spend with mixed results.

I’m here to tell you that there’s an easier way.

Medical Practice Marketing

Would you like 20-30 more appointments booked each & every month without having to spend money on Facebook or Google Ads?

Yes, I know. It sounds too good to be true... but it's not.
The answer is having a system in place that books your practice calendar on autopilot for you.

How many leads can I expect each month?

With our proven medical spa marketing services we help to get your practice booked each and every month. We typically see 20-30 more appointments booked per month but that number can be much higher depending on the services we provide.

What is Patient Reactivation?

Our proven medical spa marketing patient reactivation system uses 4 steps to get your practice booked. Our process involves your patient list, our Practice Booked software, a unique offer based on your list segmentation and finally automating the booking process.

Can I really get 20 to 30 appointments without ad spend?

Absolutely!! We have a case study that will show you how we generated over $43k in 30 days for one of our clients. Click to view the case study.

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